My Art: Cosmic Rain and Starmaker

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I have been working on these two artworks, all week. I'm hoping to sell them as prints soon in fact I'm going to do preorders on my shop I hope to open soon. I have been drawing pages for the Last Girl of Gallifrey comic and I thought I would take a break from it and mess with photoshop.

The first is called cosmic Rain. I had created a version of it for construction paper, but I want to do one on photoshop. No matter how hard I try to work on them I can never get hands right. So far you can see them from a distance.

This one is called Starmaker. The Starmaker is a humongous squid bigger several galaxies, using his nebula ink he creates new stars. He is considered as a figment of peoples imagination, even though he is a transparent blue.
     I have no idea where the idea for this came from but for years I have been drawing squids in space. They were always a coral color, but I really wanted to make star maker for a while now.

If your interest in a print of both of these please let me know. I will save a copy for you. They will not include the Nerdy Birdie watermark. You can also find them at my Redbubble store, with the starting price under $20.

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  1. Nice drawings! I'm bad at drawing hands too :)



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