Book Cover Outfits:Upon the Dull Earth and Son

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The Dull earth cover outfit

     Not many people may know of his work, but of the decades people have seen movies made from his stories. Phillip K. Dick could be known as the world's most famous Science Fiction writer, with movies such as Total Recall (We Can Remember It For You Wholesale), Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), Minority Report and many more. If you get the chance to read his stories.
     The Cover of this out is something that I defiantly was one I wanted to work on. The shoes summed up all the colors of the cover more than anything in the outfit. 

Son cover outfit

Pink prom dress / Plus size tight / Vegan shoes / Black handbag

I loved this book but also a sad ending to the Giver Series. Still going with the theme like giver of something simple, but like the stories it has more character to it.  The detail on the dress shows detail especially as the character Jonas grows through out the stories. 

If you have any suggestions to Book Cover Outfits, I encourage it! 

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  1. OOOH those shoes in the first outfit are gorgeous! I love these Book Cover Outfit posts of yours!



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