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For as long as I can remember I have been working on comics. As I'm beginning to work on ideas for Last Girl of Gallifrey, I can't help but look at my old ones. Most of them never got very far due to time.

This one of first ones that I seriously started working on. I used the pen name Kiui Niwa. I don't remember I did, I probably just liked it. The story was about a girl who moves into the the house of mother's friend in another country and becomes close with the son. That is as far as I got. I think I might turn it into a story....I don't know yet.
The next one one I started working with a friend of mine. We have been trying to work on what we want so long that just kind of gave up on it sort of. I been trying to write it as a story. In some way it is like a Romeo and Juliet type of story be instead of dying, they actually end up with each other.

final design: MBFITGR by AirSakura
 Originally called My Best Friend is The Grim Reaper or Me and Grim Reaper, I have been work this as a story as well lately. Anyways it about a girl who has physic abilities and becomes best friends with the local Grim Reaper, that is assigned to her state. The story is different in writing than art. like the others it didn't go to far.
This next one I'm nervous about admitting to:
 Yep that's right I did a twilight comic. I always gave credit to Stephenie Meyer. I started working on this as soon as I read the book. Far before the manga came out, old pages and drawings are on deviant art. This is still posted up with my other web comics I have been too afraid to take it down or work on it. The story is self explanatory if you know it. 

I hope to create a comic that I could turn out to have an amazing fan base. Last Girl of Gallifrey is going to be my main focus at the moment. I hope to continue some of these in the future. If you take a look at my comics click the link that says comic on the left, the same goes for my art as well.

I hope you enjoyed a look at my old comics, and once I get Last Girl of Gallifrey established I hope work on these other comics.
Tell me which one you like!

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  1. I believe that your very gifted. Stay strong and don't let them get you down!...
    Maybe you should start spending some quality time with me?

  2. I can not believe how many comics you've written. So incredible. I'd love to see the Twilight one. So much fun.


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