Book Cover Outfits: Mediator Series Reuntion and Darkest Hour

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Continuing with Meg Cabot Mediator Series.This week I have Reunion and Darkest Hour. Two more left to go!

Reunion Cover outfit

Short lace dress / Electric blue shoes / Crossbody shoulder bag

It was hard  to match close to it that, but I think I came close enough. I like they all  go good with each other. Showing a personality that fits it.

Darkest Hour Cover outfit

Green shirt / Daytrip red jeans / Military boots

For this I chose to fit the personality of the main character of the series of the book.  She is a bit of a girly girl but also has a boyish flair. 


In other news, I hope to have few pages of last girl of Gallifrey up next Monday. I'm working hard on it, since I'm doing this project myself. I'm working on the main cover. And hope to have that up at least Friday.  So keep a eye out. 

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