Last Girl of Gallifrey is getting revamped

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For the past few years I have been trying to work on this Doctor Who fan comic called Last Girl of Gallifrey. I have been doing as much I could on it but I always got stuck. But as a write stories of my own, I can’t help but turn back to working on this.

     I’m hoping to work on part of this comic during the summer, and finally update. Over the years I’ve had issues with Photoshop on my computer, and so that is is why I have been unable to update it over the years.

For now I’m giving an update to the site.

lgog site

The colors have always been black and blue, but I’m going off  picture of Gallifrey for the theme of colors. The one awesome thing I did that I really love is I changed the rating system from fire balls to sonic screwdrivers! So as you try to rate the pages, the roll over image is a lit screwdriver. I’m trying the web design stuff done first.

lgog site2

I also have created a Tumblr for preview of Last Girl of Gallifrey where fans can find previews of the comics and news out side the comic’s site. I getting some sketches done. I hope that post up character profiles up soon. I’m also hoping to create a blog based on one of the characters. I hope you guys watch through my process, and I hope some of you become fans of the comic.

     Please check out the links of the sites below.

Image Map Bloglovin'pinterestfacebookImage Map

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  1. This sounds really neat! I'll be watching the comic site :D


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