Friday’s Favorite Things: Valentines Day Edition

11:28:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 2 Comments


I probably should have done this last week, but I’m not very enthusiastic Valentine’s Day because I’ve never really had a Valentine share it with.If you know a single guy that likes Doctor Who, there is a single girl on this blog! I have my family that I share the day with upon which my aunt I form a lonely hearts club type thing.  I hope you guys enjoy your Valentine’s  day.


I would love to make my own  gumdrops. This looks so good.  I would totally love to put these on top of some cupcakes.


This historical figure valentine is so adorable, there are more here!


Firefly valentines, so awesome. I’m going to have print a whole bunch of valentines one year and give them out randomly to people.


This looks so good, I think I might try it but it can probably do with out the licorice straw. At least in my opinion.

f87a9b1ab60c054847e5963685eb7f0eI think I might have posted this last year but I can’t get enough of it. Sending someone a box full of hearts. How fun would that be?


Cupcakes with heart in them? That sounds very challenging, but sound very fun and yummy. What great valentine’s day surprise.

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  1. Sending someone a box full of hearts would be great! I'd love to receive that :D

  2. I am digging the Firefly Valentines! I wish I has seen them for work!


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