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 Happy 4th of July Weekend! I would have posted this up yesterday but I could not come up with a better title than this.
Ka-BOOM! was the one many sounds we heard on the fourth of July. My cousin and his girlfriend lit up the street as they light fireworks in center of the asphalt. I love taking pictures of fireworks you may never know what they might look like as they light up the night sky. It was a nice scene for has been the hottest day for us in central California. I have been able to walk around because it has been over a hundred degrees. I have been drinking so much water, that it has mainly become my drink of choice. Due to the heat I have mostly been wearing a t-shirt and holey shorts. Today has been better, with the temperature hoping to be under a hundred today. I might go for a walk. New things are coming to Nerdy Birdie soon! So stay tuned!
    Please enjoy more picture that I have taken of fireworks.


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