Goals for March on Caged Bird

11:00:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

* So I have been working on these ideas for a while, and I'm slowly beginning to do daily outfit posts. Some of them are going to be based on books and other things.
* I will also be doing monthly book tree posts. You can check out the book shelf page which will be changing over the next month. So if you have any suggestions, please put it in the comments and I will try to look for it.
* Next month I will be doing a drawing a day which I guess is today...I will be doing this to strengthen my technique.

*I'm  starting to set a sponsor page, so if you are interested in sponsoring Caged Bird let me know. I will be setting a gmail account, once I get everything figured out.

I hope you guys stick around and help Caged Bird expand outside its current small cage.
    Thanks alot!


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