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I've been busy with college. (essays are kicking my butt)
My charger for my laptop blew out so it has been difficult to get on the internet. 

I also have not finished the second part of series 6 of Doctor Who. So that has been driving me a little nuts. Actually I haven't finished the summer seasoned shows.
  Oh and probably next month I'm going to movies to see Anonymous.

  My Aunt and I are starting a blog called Cooking with Change. It's a blog that has recipes for people who live off of food stamps, food boxes, and college students who don't want to live on a all ramen and fast food diet. I will put more details up soon. I any one has ideas we could on recipes we could try or wants to be a future guest blogger on Cooking with Change email me at: cagedbirdblog@yahoo.com (no email for it yet)
      I am also trying to open my handmade items shop on etsy. Hopefully I can open it up in November or December. I will be making pillows from scrap fabric, until I can expand. More information to come soon.


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