5 things about me: Vol 1

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1. I love Doctor Who
 First things first, I love Doctor Who. I became a fan of it, when I stumbled on to it about fall of 2006 while looking for something to watch very early in the morning. It was on the Sci-fi channel (when it was spelled like that before it was changed.) I was so amazed by the show, that It became my favorite show of all time. 
  David Tennant will always be my first doctor. Converse And Bow ties ARE COOL!  Fezzes maybe.

2. My cat has a long name
This my cat's name is Panther Nermel Cheshire little gray monster (panther for short)

 3. I love to bake and cook

I really love to bake. I'm constantly coming up with new flavors that I would like to try out.

4. I love to write
 I love to write. I'm writing something new every single minute. I always write, even if it's not on paper, I get to lazy to write on paper not that much. I hope to be a writer one day, and maybe just maybe get one of my novels published.

5. I'm Disney Obsessed
    I have been in love with Disney movies and always will be. I go into disney store, every time I go the mall. In fact name comes from a popular disney movie that came out in 89'. I was born in 91'. I also had a cat named thumper who died a couple of years ago, so I honored him buying a thumper toy. I also have other Disney character toys hidden in places.


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