Week 4 and News

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Week 4 and News

For the fourth week it is time to take a break

   As I looked on our google community, I notice that it has been hard to keep up with the posts. Even I am having trouble keeping with the posts that I create. So now is your chance to catch up with weeks 1-3!
     I figured I would take away a week that I might not have an ideas for so it was one that threw in a subject in but the theme for week four will be moved to week five.
    So your challenge for this week is to catch up, and spread the word on the project to other bloggers.


  In the next few weeks will be busy with classes coming to an end,and things that will get me out of the house. So I will be posting mostly ahead of time and this newsletter will be sent out as well early too.

Show off your 100 Days of Being Chic and Healthy Pride!

     A few days ago uploaded the 100 Days logo to Redbubble and put it on t-shirts, pillows, totes, mugs and travel mugs. You can check them out here!
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  1. I'm so glad we are having a break this week, I'm struggling to keep up. Plenty to write about though so let's see what happens over the weekend.


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