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     Staring march I will be sending about week topics through a newsletter. I'm still figuring out weekly themes and daily subjects. I'm looking for help on subject I do know about such as video games, board games, etc. I open to suggestions!

      Here's what I have so far on weekly themes:
Week 1: Introduction of Yourself
Week 2: The Home
Week 3: Comic Book Love
Week 4: Exercise and Health
Week 5: Geek Chic Fashion and Beauty
Week 6: Random Acts of Kindness
And more to come!

     There is so much I need to for the blog and school wise. I hope I can balance everything out. One thing that I was hoping to get help on was a logo for the project. I have been trying to design one myself, but can not come up with myself. So if anyone is willing to take up the challenge, I encourage it.
      I'm also looking for sponsors, who want to help promote this project and I want promote them!

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