I'm excited for Jupiter Ascending

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     I am excited for the upcoming movie Jupiter Ascending. It looks visually beautiful and the story sounds interesting.
     Jupiter Jones is through into world of alien dynasties, find out that is a heir of earth after a certain alien royal member has died. She is aided by the help of Caine Wise. (that is just a summary I made up while reading stuff on what it is about.)
     This movie was supposed to come out last year but the producers decided to pull it so they could make changes to it.

The one reason that I want to see it is because of the beautiful costumes. I mean look at the dress on Mila Kunis it is gorgeous!

   One thing I noticed that is also on my wishlist is they have also created Funko bobble heads of them!

      What a way to promote a movie before it comes out! I'm trying to get my aunt to take me to the movie when it comes out once we have some money. Don't got to the movies often, wish I did more. This movie is on list of movies I want to see this years and I hope it is good as they show in the tv spots and trailers. I have been disappointed before.

      Who else is excited about seeing this movie come out of Feb 6th?
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