What's New Nerdy Birdie? April edition

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  •   Around the blog – Just did a book review post on Fangirl. Working on a few outfit posts I just have to find a hand that is not so shaky for pictures. I started on my favorite posts so far; book cover based outfits. 
       I hope you like the new head banner! It is based on May the fourth be with you and Towel Day (May 25)

  •  School-   For the current semester, I have been focusing a little more on school.

  •    Writing &Art-  I have currently been taking a rest from writing sort of...still…I have been writing a little bit on one of my stories. Last girl of Gallifrey will be moved to June, as the semester comes to a close, so does the pile of homework grow. I also plan to a series based on Ray Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man” I hope to have my first one finished soon. Can you guess which story is it from?

  •    Home life-  Same as last month. But I have a cat that has been stalking me. And he is like a dog. He comes when his name is called. He even likes to chew on my hair. My room is nearly clean, trouble with organizing every thing.

  • Social life- My best friend came back after being out of the country, now if only we can meet up on a time that we aren't doing anything.
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