Book Cover Outfits: Water for Elephants and Glow

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Happy Monday! I have had a busy weekend. I have been so exhausted this weekend due to a tea that I worked and it is the last official week of school before finals.I'm going to be a little slow. So brace yourselves this week.
Water for Elephants cover outfit

Black top / Red sports jacket / High rise black jeans / Flower print boots / Peacock necklace / Customer Image Gallery for Water for Elephants: A Novel

I love this book. I love the movie as well. But the book is my favorite. I couldn't help but create an outfit based on a ring master, but also give it fashion flare. I would totally love to wear this outfit.

Glow Cover outfit

Lace bridesmaid dress / Flower print pumps / Rhinestone purse / Ornamental Things glass pendant

I thought this would be a interesting one to choose because it has colors that are cosmic, but are shocking and bright. Ok maybe the shoes are.
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