Friday's Favorite Things (On a Saturday!)

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I really wanted to this on Friday! When I got home from class I went out with my aunt, I didn't have internet access until that evening. So Why not make a special one for Saturday!
I can't believe think geek are selling these! I really, really want them. Because would be playing with for hours. They also says Wash's intro in Firefly, in his voice! I sometimes find dinosaurs and the dollar store and play them like Wash does. Guaranteed I get stared at but it is so much fun.

It's been a while since I have posted a tattoo idea, but here it is. I really want to do a Doctor Who theme for my first one. Something similar to but not exactly the same. I would love to have a sonic screwdriver.

Since I am transferring to a University in the Fall I have been looking up ideas for dorm rooms. Does anyone have advice on what to do?

The giver movie is something I'm anticipating, but also unsure of. I have a huge fan of the Giver series and when I heard that they are making Jonas sixteen years old, I admit I was irritated (still am a little bit) because it screws up the timeline written in the books. But when I saw the trailer it made think, that they are exploring ideas they didn't in the book and changed those ideas of "feelings" that make since in an older Jonas.

I am falling the CW show Star Crossed. Someone has finally taken the idea into literal meaning. I don't have cable so watch a lot of main networking shows. The idea of the Atrians is so amazing that I want learn more about them. If you don't haven't seen the show, it's about aliens that crash to earth a few months from now. But after ten years the Atrians crashed seven are being integrated a human high school the first of many things to come. The story centers around Emery (human) and Roman (Atrian) who met as children hours after the crash. Roman is taken away by the army. Ten years later Roman and Emery paths cross again, as they both start going to the high school. Emery had been sick and in the hospital most of her life.  The shows has a it's own writing and language that is shown through out the show for the Atrians. I love it, and I can't wait to see more.

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