Friday's Favorite things

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 The Firefly drinking Game, I want to try this sometime.

     One of my favorite song by Charlie.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I noticed that he is in a lot of movies this year, but I want checked his film Looper. I loved him in 3rd rock from the sun. 
Best quote ever to describe the perfect guy.Wish I could find a guy that describes this quote. The quotes is from (Amy Pond)Doctor who S6 ep 10 ~The Girl Who Waited

These gifs made me laugh so hard when I found them on tumblr. It's Stark telling Wayne what happened the night before. Though the characters come from two entirely different comic book universe it's still funny. I realized that the part of him running naked was from American Psycho.
This looks so cool this would be get for Halloween! Zombie cupcakes.

I want to try this when it is warm again.
Source: via Kate on Pinterest

I would love to put this at the end of a hallway when I have my own house some day.


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