top 5 Goals for 2011

12:51:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 4 Comments

1. lose the weight I gained in high school
                                                                (me in my sophmore year in the middle)

I have been always to confident in myself in high school. I was so stressed all the time and gained weight over my sophmore. So next I'm in a new place (well actually old to me) and I going to try lose the weight I need, at least lose up to ten pounds a month.

2. Reinvent my wardrobe 
after I lose the weight I want change up my wardrobe. I would like to go beyond the t-shirt and jeans. lately I have been wearing dresses more ever since I left Nevada. Plus I want to add fashion to this blog.

3. Dye my hair Copper (red)
                                                        (Karen Gillan; Life,Doctor Who,and Combom)
I've dyed my hair once a year eighth grade. It has gone from dark blond (natural hair color), to light brown, to dark brown, light auburn, auburn with black underneath. I have always been amused with red hair but a more red orange than the little mermaid red hair. Plus I wouldn't have my hair match with my namesake.  I love the Karen Gillan's hair color, I know it her's may be natural I was finally able to find a similar color to match it.Or I might just go to salon.

4. Start my own Business
                                                             (catch a falling star by me)
 I would like to start my own business, of my art, handmade items like pillows, quilts, jewelry, and stuffed animals, characters. Also maybe baked goods and candy one day.

5. Make this blog a success
  I would love to make this blog have a bigger audience and go on  past talking about my life; to doing fashion, and DIY projects.And maybe to get some sponsor, and beyond.


  1. Nice goals, lady :) I've gained weight SINCE high school, a few lbs per year. But it stops this year!

    Good luck to you, and happy new year!

  2. Thank you and good luck to you too.

  3. i absolutely love all those goals. they're so inspiring.
    i also made a list of things to do before my birthday, like on your side bar. except mine is 21 things to do before i'm 22 :) lists are fun!
    good luck to you. we're cheering you on!

  4. Good goals! Best wishes on your endeavors!
    Janette, the Jongleur


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