Five random pictures friday

9:40:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

I was going to start this yesterday, but i was unable to get on my computer.

this is the entrance to the veterans memorial Cemetery, that was in the town that I lived in Nevada.

this is from the stingray pool at the zoo in California. I was trying to catch a picture of it as it swimming by.

The washoe club is wonderful building in Virginia City, Nevada. It has been featured twice in the travel channel show, Ghost Adventures.

This is my friend Missy, on which I took numerous photos that day of her.

I love these to birds, I walked into the rain forest room at the zoo, and these two birds were fighting with each other. I stopped to take a picture of them they stopped, until I took a picture and then continued fighting. I took about four pictures of them and they stopped fighting each time.


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