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12:47:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 2 Comments

 This morning I took at Finders Keeper's Christmas wishlist . So Thought I making one of things I needed and would like. Plus, I know that this isn't a fashion blog; but I would like change that one day at a time

1.  Nadia Band Coat from Dehlia's- I thought this coat would work, it's freezing cold in Central California right now. Also I've always wanted a coat like this. I had one in Nevada, but it had mysteriously disappeared. Must have been the trolls that like stealing my things.
2. Lomography Diana F+ Camera- I have always wanted one of these ever since I started taking photography in high school. I can't use my Kodak Brownie camera because the bulb and the film are hard to find.
3. A pair of TOMS Shoes- I've wanted a pair of the these shoes after finding out that the give a pair for a kid who needs a pair. This has been on my Christmas wishlist for years now, it only a matter of time til a get pair.
4.Unisex Dolman sleeve hoody in red from American Apparel- I saw this hoody on Doctor Who, and wonder where I could find it. Plus, I want to cosplay as Amy Pond. After a few hours of research I was finally able to find it. It might also be something that I could wear in winter.

5.Bc Footwear Women's Stormy Weather Lace Up Bootie-  I love vintage clothing, only problem is I don't have any money. Or least a job to get money form, anyway I saw these shoes, on modcloth, found a pair similar at Marshall's didn't have the money but they had my size. My feet are big. and found the exact same ones from amazon now not in my size.

6. Keep you posted wallet from Modcloth- I defiantly need to get a new wallet, my hemp coin purse that I have has been chewed on, and my Sasuke Uchiha is too bulky. I love that it has a postal theme to it.

7. Slouchy Beret-  I got my bowler hat. Now all I would like is a slouchy beret. I used to know how to knit a bit back ago, but it's now but a fuzzy memory. The one I have now is all messed up.

8.crocheted leaflet tights- another thing that I saw off of Doctor Who. Who wouldn't love another pair of tights.

9. Laptop bag- I love to carry my laptop with me, but I don't like to have in in my tote.

10. A watch- I hate not knowing the time because I don't have a cell phone, and my MP3 player likes to tell a time that was two hours ago.

That's my top 10 items on my Christmas wishlist. What's on your's?


  1. nice pics :)
    ah you make me want to make a wishlist post too LOL

  2. oh my goodness! ive been searching for the sweater like Amy's forever! this is great! thank you for posting this, because now i'l' be able to dress up as her for cosplay! :)


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