Favorite things: London Calling

4:28:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

In celebration of the Olympics in London, I'm choosing things that I like about my number one place I would like to go.

1. I love British themed party. I would love to do this one day.

Source: migy.com via Ariel on Pinterest

2. I love this artwork! I would love have it hanging on my wall.

Source: harrods.com via Ariel on Pinterest

3. My aunt found one of these beefeater bears from Harrods at a thrift store in United States and I love it. I named him Barnaby. I got a another one not from Harrods and I named him after Benedict Cumberbatch.

Source: target.com via Ariel on Pinterest

4. I am obsessed with books and these book ends that they used to have at Target would be perfect!

5. I love this trio! I can't wait for the next season! Too bad Rory and Amy's Journey is going to end this season. 


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